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Hebei Jutu Trading Co., Ltd. is a steel trading company under the management of Mammoth International Group. Founded in January, 2012, its a well -established and dynamic company group, including factories, production facilities, deep processing factories, trading, and sales. Our company is the primary agent of Hebei iron and steel group Tang steel group, Tangyin steel group and other large steel mills. It’s one of the largest suppliers about construction steel, steel sections and steel plate in Tangshan.

It has established itself with deep-rooted market knowledge and is secure in the marketplace with registered capital of 50 million RMB.  Because of the groups far-ranging base and extensive experience in a variety of industries, Mammoth can offer a wide range of products including steel products such as steel coil, steel pipe, angle steel, rebar, or any other steel product, construction material, iron ore, hardware, mechanical equipment, spare parts, electrical products, ceramics, tiles, paper products, plastic articles, textiles, consumer goods, art and glassware, and food products.

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